Our goal as a church is to help you grow in truth and in love. We have programs for all ages to enable you to do so.

Worship – At the center of our church’s work is the worship of God. We gather every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. In our worship services, we emphasize prayer, Scripture reading, and praise through a mixture of classic hymns and modern songs. The sermons are designed to teach the Word of God, show its applicability to our world today, and enable everyone to understand how they can live these truths in their daily lives.


Prayer – We gather each week on Wednesday night at 7pm specifically for prayer for the ministry of the church. We firmly believe that nothing can succeed in the church without God’s blessings. We are totally dependent on Him, and so we fervently seek His blessing.


Fellowship – Prayer and Bible reading are important for Christians and so is fellowship (Acts 2:42). We gather regularly to enjoy meals and fun activities together so we can enjoy fellowship with one another.


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