Making and Nurturing Christians

Over the past few months, our church has sought to define more clearly what we want to do as a church. A committee consisting of various members of the church and the Session (ruling body) of our church set forth as a goal that we wanted to “make and nurture Christians.” These are the two key goals of the church in this world, and we wanted to make sure our church emphasized both.

In two sermons, I tried to explain what these goals mean. In my sermon on Luke 15:1–7, I explain that fulfilling the goal of evangelism or “making Christians” begins with a deep conviction of and compassion for the lostness of the world such as the shepherd had for the lost sheep in the story in Lk. 15. This will lead us to seek to find or restore that which is lost by bringing people to Jesus where they can find new life and hope. You can listen to it here.

In my sermon on Christian nurture, I used the Apostle Paul as an example of someone who was not only concerned about evangelism but also Christian nurture (helping Christians to grow). In Romans 1:11–12, he expresses his desire to impart some spiritual gift to the Roman Christians. Christian nurture takes Christians wherever they are and simply seeks to encourage them and help them grow. However, like the Apostle Paul, we will find that in sharing with others we will be “encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me” (v. 12). You can listen to that sermon here.

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