Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity, but how He works in His people is sometimes hard to grasp. Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie explains that sometimes we want to experience the Holy Spirit without doing His work. The Holy Spirit works in us as we reach out with the love of Christ. Here’s how Dr. Ogilvie advised one woman who was feeling dry spiritually and wanted to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit:

A woman wrote me to say that she had been in a dry spell spiritually. She was anxiously seeking the power of the Holy Spirit, yet she felt no flow of new life or enthusiasm. I asked her to tell me the names of ten people who needed love. Each one she listed needed wisdom, knowledge, and faith she could not engender in them. But when she got into specific, costly caring she realized that she was saying things beyond her human intelligence and communicating hope beyond her experience. When she was stretched by the demands of loving, she received a profound experience of the Holy Spirit’s gift of love. She knew it; so did the people she tried to care about. Her martyrdom did not cost her life but it did cost time, energy, and privacy. Her reward was an intensive, intimate experience of the Spirit of God. The same will be true for us. Who are the people on your list of ten?

Contemporary “Holy Spiritites,” as I call them, want a private experience of the Spirit without pouring themselves out for people or giving themselves away to heal human suffering. Jesus is very specific about the dimensions of our witness. The resources of the Holy Spirit will be given in the realms of responsibility (The Drumbeat of Love [Waco: Word Books, 1978], 18).

Jesus is the One who gives the Holy Spirit to all who obey Him (Acts 5:32). If we want to experience the energy of the Holy Spirit, then we should seek to follow Jesus’ agenda for mission in the world.