Are You Justified?

Justified Sermon SeriesWe have begun our new series called “Justified” on the doctrine of justification. Justifying ourselves is something we do all the time when our morality, work ethic, ability to get along with people, or honesty is questioned. Even when we do things that are obviously wrong, we still seek to justify ourselves. This started with our first Father and Mother, Adam and Eve. Even after they broke the obvious, clear command of God, they did not take responsibility for their actions. Instead, they shifted the blame. We’ve been doing it ever since.

Ultimately, this effort at self-justification fails. It alienates us from ourselves and others as well as God. It keeps us from taking a serious look at our own actions and improving them. It won’t work because God knows the truth, even when we don’t admit it.

Adam and Eve’s self-justification was symbolized by their attempt to cover their bodies with fig leaves. God provided another way: he provided skins for them. In this he showed that we can find the love, acceptance, and security we need by accepting his method of justification, the death and obedience of Jesus. When we accept this, nothing can separate us from the love of God.

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